Day: February 10, 2020

Provisional Cast On

How to Make a Provisional Cast-On

The Provisional Cast-On is a method where you are casting on using a scrap or waste piece of yarn, with the intent on pulling it out later and revealing live stitches that can be picked up and worked in the opposite direction.

The Best Jigsaw Puzzles

The Best Jigsaw Puzzles – Shop Online

Jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful activity to share with your family! No matter what the age, anyone can help with a puzzle, and they are proven to help with your brain function and memory. Who couldn’t benefit from that? The best jigsaw puzzles are shown to work both hemispheres of your brain at the same time, exercise your brain cells, and also can prove to be meditative and relaxing.

Expert Customer Service

Expert Customer Service

When calling Mary Maxim, you are reaching out to a member of our expert Customer Service Team right here in Paris, Ontario, Canada. We have Call Centers, both U.S. and Canadian operations. Our call incredible Call Center Staff is the backbone of our company and are trained to handle a full vary of tasks.